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An ecohouse (or eco home) is an environmentally low-impact home designed and built using materials and technology that reduces its carbon footprint and lowers its energy needs.

This includes:
Glass that has two or three layers with gas in between to prevent heat loss
Solar panels
Geothermal heating and growing plants on the roof to regulate temperature, quieten the house, and to produce oxygen
A wind turbine for when there is wind, and a battery if not

Yoga Teacher Training

Our training is a foundational 200hr program approved by the Yoga Alliance. This program is designed to expand your teaching knowledge of Asanas and deepen your personal practice. You will receive the tools and support to become a confident and heart-felt yoga teacher. Blossom Flow focuses on breath linked to movement.

The postures “flow” together in a dance-like form. Flowing from one pose to another encourages the release of rigidity, analyzing, and over-thinking. This helps students to “go with the flow” in practice and in life. Equally, this program emphasizes the importance of understanding thehistorical, spiritual, philosophical, and evolutionary context of Yoga. Building on a solid and essential physiological foundation, we offer a curriculum that fosters your personal growth, encourages you to connect with your inner passion, and inspires you to serve a global community. We believe that by completing this holistically focused training, teaching yoga will be a richer and more vibrant experience for you and your students.


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24 August 2019 - Interior Design & Architecture Magazine

24 August 2019

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