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An ecohouse (or eco home) is an environmentally low-impact home designed and built using materials and technology that reduces its carbon footprint and lowers its energy needs.

This includes:
Glass that has two or three layers with gas in between to prevent heat loss
Solar panels
Geothermal heating and growing plants on the roof to regulate temperature, quieten the house, and to produce oxygen
A wind turbine for when there is wind, and a battery if not


by Danielle Laporte  from The Desire Map
Ever wonder why you feel oh-so-good two days into a new workout regime, only to succumb to lethargy, low self-esteem, and a bag full of fritos two weeks later? Everything was going so well! You were in it to win it—for real this time!
So, what went wrong?
I have a friend, Todd Herman, who’s a sports psychology coach. Like, a top-flight psych coach who helps people win Olympic medals. (And he looks like an extra hot version of Dave Matthews. I digress…) Todd has one of the most encouraging and illuminating theories on resistance I’ve ever come across. And wouldn’t you know it—it’s backed by hard science.


Ecology Center

16 July 2019 - Interior Design & Architecture Magazine

16 July 2019

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